Parental Control in Windows 7

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Today, our children are more vulnerable to digital hazards than ever before. Especially with the availability of versatile search engines, easy-to-use social-networking sites, free services and tools for uploading/downloading photographs and videos, the internet is awash with content that is inappropriate for kids, and full of individuals that parents want to prevent from communicating with their children.

The internet is evolving a lot faster than Microsoft can update the Windows OS. For example, when Vista was released Social Networking sites was barely known. Now they have a thriving web presence. Microsoft is trying to keep up by enhancing parental control in Seven. For this reason it has been moved into Windows Live.

Activity viewing and web filtering capabilities can be more effectively handled by Windows Live or a 3rd party solution that ensures reliable web-based implementation of this functionality. For example, Family Safety, a free application found in Live, offers web content filtering, activity monitoring, and file downloads restrictions.

In Seven, the Parental Controls feature was modified to permit its features to be installed on your system and fully replace or augment the default parental controls. Vista permitted partial substitution of Parental Controls; in short, the web filter could be replaced with a 3rd party application. However in Seven other than the web filter components the whole GUI is replaceable with 3rd party providers. The basic filtering of offline content is still implemented by this feature. It is now possible for a 3rd party application to offer a uniform user experience that seamlessly integrates existing features with those introduced by the 3rd party application.

When a Vista computer is upgraded to Seven, the administrator will be warned that activity reporting and web filtering functionality are not included in Windows 7 Parental Controls. In Windows Vista, the Parental Controls settings (including activity logs and web filtering) stay unchanged when the computer is upgraded. Although activity logs information and web filtering settings are not used by Parental controls in Microsoft Seven, their preservation allows 3rd party application to honor those settings.

Windows 7 – Future of Operating Systems

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Window 7 is the latest release of the Microsoft which looks similar to Vista. It has introduced the incremental development in the windows line of the operating systems. The main purpose to launch this operating system is to provide compatibility of all the hardware and the software. It also includes the touch screen functionality, which is very interesting feature. The main features include new task-bar, larger image preview, includes latest Internet explorer, and also includes the professional home networking system.

The cool features that differentiate the window 7 with the window XP is the launching of fragmentation which support multiple hard drives at the same time. It also provides more reliability for the USB flash drive, which protects the data from the loss.

System requirements:

The system requirements of window 7 are similar to all the previous version of windows. But, it will check the system compatibility before installation. The minimum system requirement that is well suited for processor at 1GHZ, around 1GB of RAM to provide better results, and 16GB of available disk space.

Security Functionalist of Windows seven:

This is another important functionality as lot of people carries important data. It is equally important for someone who is less experience in using the operating system. Window 7 accounts are reserved, and the file that is saved and storage is deleted and alter by the administrator only, it acquires the password to log in. You can lock some of your applications as it will helps you to restrict the users to common applications that are specified by the administrator.

User account management:

It provides you more reliable management of the user accounts. It shows you the less warning messages that are often found in other flavors of Microsoft window operating system. You can easily troubleshoot applications or repair any account as it provides the third party software to find and fix problems, this feature is included in the control panel.

Trouble-shooting assistance:

It also provides tools to troubleshoot the files in the operating system, the application such as “problem steps recorder” helps you to record and also provides step by step assistance to complete the task. Furthermore, window 7 offers you the “resource monitor” in place of the task monitor that contains full details of the processes that are currently running in your operating system.

The Top Windows 7 Registry Cleaner Software

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Windows 7 is so new that many people are only just getting used to it – but unfortunately, Microsoft did not get round to fixing the ‘registry’ which is such a troublesome part of the system. To fix the registry yourself, you need to use a ‘registry cleaner’, but there are so many of these tools online that it can be extremely difficult to know which one is the best for your PC. Fortunately, we’ve found a cleaner which works very well for Windows 7…

The problem with many registry tools is that they are unable to work well with all the latest features and settings that Windows 7 has. This is an issue which can leave your computer ruined if you don’t pick the right cleaner, which is why we’ve spent several years testing all the most popular cleaners out there. In order to know which is the best Windows 7 cleaner, you need to know how these tools work. Registry cleaners are scanning tools that fix a part of Windows called the ‘registry’. This is a database which stores information and settings about your computer, including your login details and your most used programs.

Registry cleaners work to fix your PC by fixing any corrupt files that are inside the registry database. The problem is that since the registry contains so many settings and options, Windows is constantly using more than it can handle. This makes it confused and leads it to save many of these files in the wrong way, causing them to be unreadable the next time that Windows needs them. This is what causes most computer to run slow, as it takes your PC much longer to process the files it needs.

Registry tools fix your computer by scanning through the registry database and removing any corrupt or damaged files that are in there. This will not only speed up your PC, but allow you to run more programs at once and make your computer more reliable. However, not many cleaners work well in Windows 7 – because Windows Seven has a selection of new settings and files that many older registry cleaners do not recognize. This makes the older cleaners want to delete these new files, which causes massive amounts of damage to your PC. This is an issue which can only be avoided by using the top Windows 7 registry tool, which is the one that can remove the most genuine errors from Windows 7, leaving all the new healthy registry files alone. And having tested many of the most popular tools, we’ve found the best one is one called “RegCure”.

The Best Window 7 Trick to Date – Enter GodMode

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If you have Windows 7 and have been playing with it for a while then you might have noticed that most of its control options are somewhat hidden. If you are every glue user then you might not have the needed for a more robust set of controls but if you are a power user or someone who likes to customize the way the operating system works then this is for you.

Even though Redmond has not officially made a comment about how or why this setting came to be is great to know that you are able to access all sorts of settings from one place, think of it as a supercharged control panel where you can change everything, from the way your mouse looks all the way to creating hard drive partitions and so on.

Enabling GodMode

If you are ready to take a step down the rabbit hole then this is how you enable GodMode in your window seven machine:

1. First navigate to a folder of your choosing such as my documents or the root drive and then create a folder, make sure you create the folder in a place that you can access it easily, having this handy tool buried within a deep folder on your hard drive will not do you any good. Creating this folder in the desktop is also a good idea.

2. Rename the folder you just created with the following string of text: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

3. Once you have renamed the folder you will notice that the icon will no longer be yellow but rather blue which emulates a weight that the control panel shortcut looks. If you see that the folder you just created has changed its icon and that the string of text you just pasted has changed into just “GodMode” then you are ready to roll.

Some of the sections that you will notice within GodMode are: the action Center, administrative tools, autoplay, devices and printers, display, ease of access center, power options, programs and features, recovery, region and language, sound, speech recognition, sync Center, system, troll shooting, user accounts, Windows card space and many more.

So if you think that Windows 7 is pretty good right out of the box and you may not have many things to change within the operating system but if you want to change some of the interface or environmental variables then this is a very fast window seven trick that you have to check out.

If you are not the Windows savvy person but still want to check this great option and make sure to go online and do a little bit of research about the setting you are about to modify, that way if you happen to break something you can always refer to the very same section where you made the modifications and go back to its previous state.

Free Download Windows

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Windows 7 Ultimate gives you everything Home Premium and Professional offers – plus added security features and the flexibility to work in multiple languages

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    This product includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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Windows 7

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Windows 7 is a latest version of windows operating system. It contains features of Windows XP and Windows Vista, available for both client and server version. Windows 7 will be available in 32- and 64-bit versions and offer enhance remote management for the enterprise and offer a better experience for laptops users. Windows 7 built with great compatibility of the windows operating system; there are millions of latest applications which are easily associated with it.

Microsoft has reported that the new Operating system will contain better performance and improvements over the current Windows Vista. This may be a point for some businesses to move to the new Operation system. Vista has had its problems with adoption by the majority and businesses. The much-awaited new version of the Windows OS really needs to live up to the hype to succeed.

The goal of the Windows 7 is make it more users friendly, provides Intuitive user interfaces are expected such as speech recognition and digital ink. Another main goal for Windows 7 is security. Windows 7 will provide more security and functions that will protect the user’s files and data. The predictor says that Microsoft will provide a subscription service with the new operating system which will help users in accessing their files and settings from other computers. This will extend Windows Seven, much like the current Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), which is currently available to Microsoft’s Software Assurance customers.

It is a bit unclear how Microsoft came up with the name “Windows 7.” If you count all Windows starting from Windows 1.0, it should be Windows 11.

Windows 1.0
Windows 2.0/2.1
Windows 3.0/3.1
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Many test has been performed to test Windows 7. In the tests done by LifeHacker, Windows 7 is taking the same amount of time to boot as Windows XP takes which is around 20% faster than Windows Vista. Now that is something what we are looking for.

Windows 7. Yes, it’s undeniably catchy. Now we just have to see how the OS itself shapes up…

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Windows 7 Buyer Info – Why Buy Windows 7

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The most recent version of the Windows operating system is Windows 7. Windows 7 is based on Vista, so still looks similar, but with many of the irritating problems ironed out. It is the fastest and easiest to use so far.

Some of Vista’s issues were slow speed and innumerable “are you sure you want to run this program?” popups. Every time a popup appeared your Personal computer would significantly slow down. This made working for any length of time difficult since you would have to endlessly wait for Vista to sort itself out. Windows Seven has addressed most of these problems.

Pop ups weren’t the only difficulties with Windows Vista. There have been compatibility issues with a great deal of made for XP software so people couldn’t run the programs they had paid for over the years, when the new version of Windows came out with most of these issues fixed a slew of disappointed vista users welcomed the new overhaul and are eager to become a Windows 7 buyer.

Having said that, Windows XP is no longer a feasible choice because it is reasonably old now. A new version of Windows that is capable of dealing with all the multimedia the modern computer uses were definitely called for. Vista has tried to deal these issues but failed; thankfully, out of Vista’s ashes’ Windows Seven was born.

What are the new features a windows 7 buyer will befit from?

Firstly, most of the great features that made Vista look and work better than XP have been retained although they have been tweaked considerably so now they actually work properly.

Other new features include.

* A reworked Window Media center is included with this software package and is decidedly better than before, it turns your Personal computer into a fully functioning entertainment hub with Windows Touch technology. You can do things like the record live television, and share all of your favorite files instantly, thanks to Microsoft’s new and improved home network abilities.

* Backwards compatibility allowing you to use many of your favourite Windows XP programs.

* Touch Screen technology with full multi touch capabilities so you are able to use your fingers to do just about anything you can with a mouse. Kids will love using just their fingers with the new upgraded Windows Paint program.

* The task bar has been redesigned with movable buttons for quick access to the information they need and includes: Interactive Grouped Thumbnails, Jump Lists, Pinning, Aero Peek.

* It doesn’t eat up so much memory either, so your system doesn’t slow down so much when using multimedia.

* It finds and uses USB devices much quicker with fewer compatibility issues.

* The home network capabilities are quicker and easy to set up.

* Vastly improved file searching capability using the new Windows Search,so finding things you stored on your Personal computer quicker and easy to find.

All these improvements mean the new windows 7 buyer will instantly learn that using a computer does not have to be difficult or frustrating, but can be a fun and rewarding experience. Microsoft’s Windows 7 genuinely tries to make amends for the hassles that Windows Vista caused and with this new version is certainly off to a very good start.

It might be that Windows 7 buyers may be so impressed with this new program that they will completely forgive and forget about any negative thoughts that they have about previous incarnations of Windows and will embrace the operating system once again.

To find out more about Windows 7, or if you are thinking of becoming a windows 7 buyer then check out the website below to find detailed specifications and all the windows 7 buyer info you may need to help you choose from the various options and upgrades available. You will also find a link there that features some of the latest Touch Screen Technology PCs,so check it out the link below, it’s worth a little peek at.



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