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Windows 7 – Future of Operating Systems


Window 7 is the latest release of the Microsoft which looks similar to Vista. It has introduced the incremental development in the windows line of the operating systems. The main purpose to launch this operating system is to provide compatibility of all the hardware and the software. It also includes the touch screen functionality, which is very interesting feature. The main features include new task-bar, larger image preview, includes latest Internet explorer, and also includes the professional home networking system.

The cool features that differentiate the window 7 with the window XP is the launching of fragmentation which support multiple hard drives at the same time. It also provides more reliability for the USB flash drive, which protects the data from the loss.

System requirements:

The system requirements of window 7 are similar to all the previous version of windows. But, it will check the system compatibility before installation. The minimum system requirement that is well suited for processor at 1GHZ, around 1GB of RAM to provide better results, and 16GB of available disk space.

Security Functionalist of Windows seven:

This is another important functionality as lot of people carries important data. It is equally important for someone who is less experience in using the operating system. Window 7 accounts are reserved, and the file that is saved and storage is deleted and alter by the administrator only, it acquires the password to log in. You can lock some of your applications as it will helps you to restrict the users to common applications that are specified by the administrator.

User account management:

It provides you more reliable management of the user accounts. It shows you the less warning messages that are often found in other flavors of Microsoft window operating system. You can easily troubleshoot applications or repair any account as it provides the third party software to find and fix problems, this feature is included in the control panel.

Trouble-shooting assistance:

It also provides tools to troubleshoot the files in the operating system, the application such as “problem steps recorder” helps you to record and also provides step by step assistance to complete the task. Furthermore, window 7 offers you the “resource monitor” in place of the task monitor that contains full details of the processes that are currently running in your operating system.

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