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Windows 7 Registry Cleaner – The Best Registry Cleaner That Works on Windows Seven

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Windows 7 was only released in late October 2009, but it’s already one of the most popular and well-used operating systems EVER. It’s quickly gained a strong following thanks to a lot of new features… but it still has a big problem in the form of the ‘registry’.

The registry is a big database which stores all the settings and information for your PC, allowing your PC to run at its smoothest and most reliable. However, it’s also a big cause of problems for the new operating system, not least because it’s constantly getting corrupted and damaged. This is an issue which even the most advanced computers cannot avoid, and a corrupt registry always means a slow PC and constant errors.

To fix this issue, you need to use a registry cleaner to scan through the registry database. Registry cleaners scan through the entire registry and then remove any corrupt or damaged files that are in there. But a problem with these tools is that if you use a poor quality cleaner on Windows 7, you might end up making your computer run a lot slower and with more errors. This is because Windows 7 has a lot of new features, making many registry cleaners confused, leading them to delete a lot of these important files.

Many people are discovering (to their peril) that many registry cleaners do not work very well with Windows 7. This is an issue which can make your PC permanently damaged, and is why you really need to use a tool that is going to be able to find and fix the most problems on your new system. There are a handful of these ‘compatible’ cleaners, but only a few which are worth using on Win7.

Having used many of the most popular & advanced registry cleaners, we’ve found that a tool called “RegAce” seems to work the best on Seven. This is a relatively new registry tool and claims to have a lot of advanced scanning technology inside. It was the best cleaner in out tests, finding a lot more problems than many of the others.

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