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The Best Registry Cleaner For Windows 7

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Why Does Windows 7 Needs Its Own Registry Cleaner?

Unfortunately, registry cleaners are very powerful tools, and can cause a lot of damage on your PC. This is because they all clean out a sensitive part of your system called the ‘registry’, which is where all the information, options & settings are kept for your PC.

The registry is database that keeps information such as your Windows 7 theme and your Internet favorites. It’s very important, but is constantly being made corrupt and damged, which causes Seven to run slow and with errors. The problem is that since Windows needs to use the registry so much, it’s constantly opening too many files for it, which results in it getting confused and saving many of these files in the wrong way. This makes them unreadable, which slows your PC down and causes other problems.

Registry cleaners work to fix all the problems in the registry, but because Windows 7 is so new, it’s important that you can get a cleaner which is able to find and eliminate all the potential problems that Seven has…. without removing any “healthy” files that it still needs.

What Makes The Best Windows 7 Registry Tool?

The best registry cleaner is the one which can scan through the whole registry database and then fix any corrupt files that are causing problems in there. However, many older cleaners will delete the majority of Windows 7 files that they do not recognize, making your computer run incredibly slowly and with a lot of problems.

The best Windows 7 registry cleaner will have the following characteristics:

  • It will clean the most problems in the Windows Seven registry without causing any more issues
  • It will work quickly to remove the most problems in the Windows 7 registry
  • The cleaner will protect your PC with a backup system of some sort
  • It will not delete any files that Windows Seven needs to run.

Having used many Windows 7 registry cleaners, we’ve found that a handful of them actually work very well. However, there are many which do not. Out of the ones we tested, we found that one called “RegAce” seemed to work the best to find & fix the most errors. It also has a backup system to protect your PC from any accidental damage that might be caused, making it very effective.