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Windows 7 Buyer Info – Why Buy Windows 7

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

The most recent version of the Windows operating system is Windows 7. Windows 7 is based on Vista, so still looks similar, but with many of the irritating problems ironed out. It is the fastest and easiest to use so far.

Some of Vista’s issues were slow speed and innumerable “are you sure you want to run this program?” popups. Every time a popup appeared your Personal computer would significantly slow down. This made working for any length of time difficult since you would have to endlessly wait for Vista to sort itself out. Windows Seven has addressed most of these problems.

Pop ups weren’t the only difficulties with Windows Vista. There have been compatibility issues with a great deal of made for XP software so people couldn’t run the programs they had paid for over the years, when the new version of Windows came out with most of these issues fixed a slew of disappointed vista users welcomed the new overhaul and are eager to become a Windows 7 buyer.

Having said that, Windows XP is no longer a feasible choice because it is reasonably old now. A new version of Windows that is capable of dealing with all the multimedia the modern computer uses were definitely called for. Vista has tried to deal these issues but failed; thankfully, out of Vista’s ashes’ Windows Seven was born.

What are the new features a windows 7 buyer will befit from?

Firstly, most of the great features that made Vista look and work better than XP have been retained although they have been tweaked considerably so now they actually work properly.

Other new features include.

* A reworked Window Media center is included with this software package and is decidedly better than before, it turns your Personal computer into a fully functioning entertainment hub with Windows Touch technology. You can do things like the record live television, and share all of your favorite files instantly, thanks to Microsoft’s new and improved home network abilities.

* Backwards compatibility allowing you to use many of your favourite Windows XP programs.

* Touch Screen technology with full multi touch capabilities so you are able to use your fingers to do just about anything you can with a mouse. Kids will love using just their fingers with the new upgraded Windows Paint program.

* The task bar has been redesigned with movable buttons for quick access to the information they need and includes: Interactive Grouped Thumbnails, Jump Lists, Pinning, Aero Peek.

* It doesn’t eat up so much memory either, so your system doesn’t slow down so much when using multimedia.

* It finds and uses USB devices much quicker with fewer compatibility issues.

* The home network capabilities are quicker and easy to set up.

* Vastly improved file searching capability using the new Windows Search,so finding things you stored on your Personal computer quicker and easy to find.

All these improvements mean the new windows 7 buyer will instantly learn that using a computer does not have to be difficult or frustrating, but can be a fun and rewarding experience. Microsoft’s Windows 7 genuinely tries to make amends for the hassles that Windows Vista caused and with this new version is certainly off to a very good start.

It might be that Windows 7 buyers may be so impressed with this new program that they will completely forgive and forget about any negative thoughts that they have about previous incarnations of Windows and will embrace the operating system once again.

To find out more about Windows 7, or if you are thinking of becoming a windows 7 buyer then check out the website below to find detailed specifications and all the windows 7 buyer info you may need to help you choose from the various options and upgrades available. You will also find a link there that features some of the latest Touch Screen Technology PCs,so check it out the link below, it’s worth a little peek at.



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