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An Easy Trick For Speeding Up Windows 7 – A Way to Boost the Performance of Your PC & Internet

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

With Windows Seven being such a new operating system, it’s no surprise that more and more people are trying to make it run faster. This is an issue that has plagued Windows since its launch in 1985 and is still a big problem today. However, there’s actually an easy method to speed up this latest version of Windows which even a beginner can do.

The problem that most Windows Sevens systems have, is actually a design flaw that has existed ever since Windows ’98. This design flaw is the major cause of most slow PCs and is getting worse and worse each day you use your PC. The flaw is in the design of Windows, and how it uses a part of your system called the ‘registry’. This is a database which stores the settings, information and options for Windows, allowing your computer to remember all different things about your PC, such as your login details and Interent bookmaks.

The registry might be one of the most important parts of your system, but it’s also one of the biggest causes of it running slow. The problem is that since the registry is used costantly by Windows, your system is forever opening and reading hundreds of settings from the database. This should be fine… but because so many settings are open at once, Windows is forever getting confused and saving many of them in the wrong way, causing them to become corurpt and unreadable. When this happens, the settings get all mixed up like a book with its chapters in the wrong order, forcing Windows to take longer to process the files, slowing it down and causing lots of errors.

This issue has been the root cause of most people’s slow systems and is actually very easy to fix. You can get specific Windows 7 software tools called ‘registry cleaners’, which are able to speed up your PC and make it run as quickly and smoothly as possible. These software applications have been designed to scan through the entire registry database of Windows and then remove any of the damaged or corrupt files that are in there; making Windows able to find the settings it needs an run fast again. There are actually quite a lot of these tools on the Internet, but you need to be sure you get the best one for Windows Seven if you’re going to be able to make your system speed up significanlty

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