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Windows Seven – New Features

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

The newest Operating System of Microsoft as we know it is Windows 7. There are many people that are destined to try it out and many that already have it installed on their computers as I speak. There were a lot of people that switched quickly from Windows Vista to Windows 7 because of the not so good operating system that Vista had to offer. There were many mistakes that were made when Microsoft created Vista, but surely with this new Windows 7 software the developers will not be making these same mistakes again.

Windows 7 has a new design that leaves many people to be pleased with the progress of the software. One of the most liked features that Windows 7 has to offer, is a task bar that short cuts to folders are allowed to be stored on, as well as a library that allows you to be able to view more files than what you were unable to do on the Vista software. Instead of clicking on an application, all you need to do is put your cursor over it to view a smaller window to decide whether you want to open the folder or not.

Instead of clicking on a minimize/maximize button, Windows 7 features the technique for you to be able to drag a window open to the top to make it bigger, and to the bottom to minimize it. There is also another neat feature called HomeGroup, which is a network that people are able to join to be able to have easy access to sharing files and folders. This feature makes sharing a lot easier and more convenient, and it currently is one of the most favorite features of users.

There are some things that many operating software have that Windows 7 does not include, which is not a bad thing, because it is still made optional for a user to download these programs if they want them on their computers. These options would include the photo gallery, mail, and movie maker; but however the good news is that most people that have Windows 7 loaded onto their PC could care less about these files. They are readily available for you to download though if you choose to have them, on the Microsoft Windows website.


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