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The Best Registry Cleaner For Windows Seven – How to Pick a Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Because Windows 7 is so new, it’s important that you get a registry cleaner which is able to find and fix the most problems on it. This is important, because if you get a poor quality registry cleaner for Windows Seven, you can actually cause a lot more problems than it will fix.

Unfortunately Windows Seven suffers from the same registry problems as all the other versions of Windows – making it run slower and with lots of errors. These registry problems are all caused by a part of your system called the ‘registry’, which is a big database that saves all sorts of settings for Windows. The registry database is a big part of Windows 7, allowing all your software to store settings such as your latest emails and even your login details inside. Unfortunately, the registry is so important that’s being used constantly and ends up getting corrupted. This makes Windows unable to read many parts of the database.

Even though Windows Seven has many new features & measures to stop this problem, the sad fact is that it still occurs… making your PC run really slowly and with errors. To fix it, you need a registry cleaner which can scan through all of the registry files on your computer and then delete the corrupt ones. However,b because there are a lot of new registry files in Windows 7, many old registry cleaners will simply just delete a lot of healthy registry files which Windows needs. This is bad news for your system, and can stop it from booting up.

You need to use the best Windows 7 registry cleaner in order to get the best out of your PC, and having used many different cleaners, we’ve found that there’s one called “RegAce” which seems to work the best. This cleaner is relatively new, and has a lot of technology which enables it to scan and fix the most Windows Seven registry problems.

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