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How To Install a Windows Seven Operating System Yourself

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Well first you would have to decide whether you want to keep your old files or just install the operating system. Then you would have to see your computer specifications and see if they meet the requirements for the new OS (operating system). With your computer running, put the CD in and auto-play it. That should open a window where it says “install now”. Click that.

Read the license terms, accept them and click next. Now choose whether you want to upgrade or do a custom install and click next. Let’s say you choose custom install. It will give you a list of the hard drives you have. Click on the one you want to install it to. If you want to format the drive before installing you can click format. Choose the drive and click next. And then let the computer do the rest for you. It should take around 30 minutes to install.

After installation is complete, choose your security options. Use recommended settings. Next set your time and date and you are all done. This process is very easy and even a beginner can do it.

The Windows 7 Operating System itself is very easy to use. I found that this operating system is very easy to use and I didn’t have to readjust from the previous version of Windows or learn anything new. There are a few new things that Windows didn’t have on XP. For example the control panel’s layout is a bit different but is very easy to get accustomed to. Once again, Windows 7 is another great operating system by Microsoft.

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