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Windows Seven

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Microsoft released a new version in its line of Windows operating systems recently. This version of Windows is available for all types of personal computers and laptops as well. It is called Windows Seven. Windows Seven, like its recent predecessors comes in a home version, actually called Windows Seven Home Premium, and a Professional version. There is also a Windows Seven Ultimate and a 64 bit version.

Earlier versions of Windows had a lot of features to provide to the user, this new Windows version expands the user’s options even further. The presentations that were given by the Microsoft people in the year 2008 were more focused on the redesigned shell of Windows and the new taskbar it featured. They were going to call the taskbar the “superbar,” but this name didn’t really stick. Still, the new taskbar is bigger, but for all intents and purposes functions the same as the old one. It just looks, in the eyes of some, better.

The Need for Speed

More importantly, Windows Seven has made improvements to its functionality. Whereas most upgrades in the past have put the emphasis on power, this upgrade includes some streamlining of the operating system since the computing world has recently turned its focus to speed.

On the downside, Windows Seven does not include Outlook Express or Windows Email. It is also without Photo Gallery and Movie Maker. To have these options installed, you will have to download these programs from Microsoft Windows Live Suite. This download is actually free and includes other optional programs such as Live Messenger, which can be used instead of MSN Messenger and a writer tool which will help you keep your own blog.

The Real Difference

When Windows Seven was introduced to the market, people were curious to know what was the goal of Microsoft to launch such an operating system, which was devoid of new features and making those things we have come to expect, optional. To this question, Bill Gates had commented in an interview, that this version was supposed to be more user centric. It was said this version is supposed to focus primarily on the improvements in performance.

Windows Tracers

To this end, there were new tracing tools added to this system. These tracers measure the performance of the various areas of the operating system, so that some inefficient paths in the code can be done away with and performance regressions on the system can be avoided. With the help of these tracers, the OS can be monitored by Microsoft on an ongoing basis.

Does this sound scary to you? It does concern me somewhat, but truly, we never actually own a Windows operating system, we just pay Microsoft to use one copy on one computer. Unless, of course, we buy a more expensive license.

Still, this is the way of the world, at least, the Microsoft world. So, if we want to use Windows operating systems we have to make some concessions. I only hope these concessions stop short of giving up our privacy.

Other than this one sore spot, I must say, Windows Seven is an improvement that was needed in the rapidly changing world of computers.

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