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The Top Windows 7 Registry Cleaner Software

Windows 7 is so new that many people are only just getting used to it – but unfortunately, Microsoft did not get round to fixing the ‘registry’ which is such a troublesome part of the system. To fix the registry yourself, you need to use a ‘registry cleaner’, but there are so many of these tools online that it can be extremely difficult to know which one is the best for your PC. Fortunately, we’ve found a cleaner which works very well for Windows 7…

The problem with many registry tools is that they are unable to work well with all the latest features and settings that Windows 7 has. This is an issue which can leave your computer ruined if you don’t pick the right cleaner, which is why we’ve spent several years testing all the most popular cleaners out there. In order to know which is the best Windows 7 cleaner, you need to know how these tools work. Registry cleaners are scanning tools that fix a part of Windows called the ‘registry’. This is a database which stores information and settings about your computer, including your login details and your most used programs.

Registry cleaners work to fix your PC by fixing any corrupt files that are inside the registry database. The problem is that since the registry contains so many settings and options, Windows is constantly using more than it can handle. This makes it confused and leads it to save many of these files in the wrong way, causing them to be unreadable the next time that Windows needs them. This is what causes most computer to run slow, as it takes your PC much longer to process the files it needs.

Registry tools fix your computer by scanning through the registry database and removing any corrupt or damaged files that are in there. This will not only speed up your PC, but allow you to run more programs at once and make your computer more reliable. However, not many cleaners work well in Windows 7 – because Windows Seven has a selection of new settings and files that many older registry cleaners do not recognize. This makes the older cleaners want to delete these new files, which causes massive amounts of damage to your PC. This is an issue which can only be avoided by using the top Windows 7 registry tool, which is the one that can remove the most genuine errors from Windows 7, leaving all the new healthy registry files alone. And having tested many of the most popular tools, we’ve found the best one is one called “RegCure”.

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