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Windows 7 Upgrade Options

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Windows 7 is the latest addition to the operating system offers of Microsoft. Many users are not yet fully familiar with the features and upgrades of this operating system.

If you are eyeing a upgrade for your own PC or laptop, you should continue reading this article. Upon the release of this OS, there are of course both good and bad news that Vista and XP users should also understand. Below are the details on the users’ upgrade options on Microsoft Seven.

From XP to Seven

Many OS experts consider this a cheaper option for most users. Many are picking this option actually. However, XP has no direct upgrade path, which means that for a user to be able to upgrade to Microsoft Seven, there is a need to install new Windows 7 while manually migrating the apps and files to Win7. So you should make sure that you have a back up of XP before deciding to upgrade your computer. Or you can also do a dual booth of Windows 7 and XP.

From Vista to Seven

The advantage of Vista over XP is that there is a direct upgrade path to Windows 7. Therefore, the files and apps would migrate to Win7 without having to do anything. However, to make sure, keep a backup in case you want to upgrade. Also, you have the choice to do a dual boot of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Vista users are also entitled to a cheap upgrade price.

As for the downside, there are also some but are considered not significant to the majority of Windows users. The upgrade is limited to certain versions online like Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Seven Home Premium; Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate; and Vista Business to Microsoft Seven Professional.

If you are not well-versed on these, it is always better to ask an expert to do the upgrade for you. Also, weigh your needs on your PC first before deciding to upgrade your OS. Understand both the advantages and disadvantages.

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