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How to Stop the Black Screen of Death on Windows 7

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment

To fix the black screen of death on Windows, you really just need to do one thing. The problem is caused by a part of your system that’s become corrupt and unreadable, making your system unable to boot up and leaving it as useful as a giant paperweight. This problem affects a lot of Windows Seven computers, but not many. Luckily, there’s a way to fix it which is pretty simple.

The problem of the black screen is caused by a part of Windows Seven becoming so corrupt that it can’t load up. Many people are blaming a security update from Microsoft, or a virus for this… and it’s basically where a vital “system file” has been made unreadable, leaving your computer unable to boot. System files are the files that Windows needs to operate, and are vital to the smooth operation of your PC. Unfortunately, one of them is corrupt and unable to be read, causing the BLSOD (Black Screen Of Death).

The issue of corrupt system files is extremely powerful for Windows, because if you have any corrupt system files, it will make your computer run slower and with a lot of errors. The way Windows works is to have a lot of these files ready for when you want to do things. The system files tell your computer how to do certain tasks, and perform different operations… meaning that every time you open a program or save a document, these files are being called.

Obviously, this means that if any of these files are damaged, problems are going to be caused. And that’s the main issue with your system right now – there’s a corrupt system file inside there. To fix it, you just need to use a software tool to scan through the entire bank of system files in Windows Seven, and fix them all for you. These tools are known as ‘registry cleaners’ and are actually very effective for use when fixing this problem.

To stop the Black Screen Of Death on Windows 7, you just need to download a registry tool, install it and then let it scan through your entire PC. This will make it fix all the problems that are present in the system or registry files, and will make it fix all the corrupt files that are in there. If you can get a good registry cleaner, you could actually make your system able to fix this BlSOD in one scan.